About Us

About Us

tiny feet lasting impression
Painted Wings wants to support those families in a time
that they will need the most support.

Our Story

On June 29, 2014, our lives were blessed with another perfect, little girl. Ten fingers, ten toes, a dimpled chin, and eyes that could light a room and fill your heart. Laiken was a true blessing from day one. She was an easy-going baby, who loved to eat and just take in the world.

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Why we created Painted Wings

From the moment we lost Laiken, Bob and I vowed to make a difference in honor of our daughter’s life, so that no other parent has to feel the unbearable pain of losing a child to SUIDS/SIDS. Bob and I could be angry for the rest of our lives that Laiken was taken from us, or we could take our situation and make a difference for other babies in the world and their families.

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Organization Name

The name Painted Wings was created with love. Our daughter Rhilyn, who at the time had just turned two when we lost Laiken, was so confused about where her sister was. She could not understand, let alone process the truth, of why she would never see her little sister again. Bob and I knew that we always wanted Rhilyn to remember that she has a sister, Laiken, and that she loves her very much. We began telling Rhilyn that Laiken was an angel in the sky. We assured her she watches over her every day and keeps her safe.

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Our Board

President- Sam Skeltis
Vice President: Lee Ann Habner
Treasurer: Andrew Gilbert
Secretary: Karen Broski
Trustee: Gina Skeltis
Trustee: Bob Skeltis
Trustee: Jason Broski


We have received our 501(c)(3) status! EIN number is: 47-3856597. All donations are tax-deductible.

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